Ruby and Diamond Pendant w/ Chain


Ruby and Diamond Pendant w/ Chain

798.00 1,595.00

Ruby Pendant

For most of recorded history, rubies have been the most valuable gems. Rubies are very rare: it's almost impossible to mine flawless rubies and many mined rubies are enhanced with heat and fracture filling to improve their appearance. Chatham's lab-grown rubies have a pigeon's blood color and exceptional clarity worthy of this gem's ancient name ratnaraj: King of Gems.

Style Number: CP2731WRU

Metal: 14K White Gold , comes with an 18" rope chain.

Diamond Total Weight: .10 ctw

Shape: RoundGemstone Dimensions: 7.5 mm

Stone: Chatham Created Ruby

Gemstone Carat WeightAppx. 2 ct.

Chatham Price:$1,595.00

Price if Mined:$10,135.00

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